Amazon Vision Ministries

Amazon Vision Ministries


The name clearly defines who we are.  Amazon.  We are a dedicated group of people who have discovered an open door for the gospel message on the banks of the west Amazon basin.  Our focus is the glory of Jesus Christ, but it plays out on the stage that is the western Amazon basin.  Vision.  From the moment that God birthed the vision in the hearts of Gary and John Crawford and Joe Fincher, He has been calling others alongside.  Is it possible that He is speaking to you about being part of this incredible vision?  Ministries.  Evangelistic teams, discipleship and church planting teams, medical and dental teams: all are varied ministries orchestrated by God’s Spirit to accomplish a single vision. An Amazon Vision.


Almost 1 and a half million people live along the west Amazon basin.  They live in isolation.  Most have never had a clear presentation of God’s plan.   Few have access to more than minimal health or dental care.  They are unreached and unengaged.  It is to this place that God has called us.  We are looking for churches and fellow believers who will be called into sharing the vision and walking through the open door that God’s Spirit has opened to us.  Would you join us?


 Rich blessings,


The Amazon Vision Ministries family

Amazon Vision Ministries

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